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How Do You Make a Smoothie with Mama Love?

The instructions on the bag can help you make a basic Mama Love Chocolate Protein smoothie with water or non-dairy milk. 

TO USE: In a blender, mix about 1/3 cup of Mama Love Chocolate Protein with 8 to 12 ounces of your favorite beverage. Use non-dairy milk and a handful of ice for a creamy treat.

Here's a simple how-to video:


I don't recommend using milk, since dairy proteins can pass directly through breast milk and might upset baby's tummy.

I do recommend adding tasty mix-in, like berries or nut butter. I love tossing in a banana for a touch of sweetness, more fiber, and potassium—an essential mineral that helps to regulate hydration and muscle contractions.

Need more inspiration? Check out the blog for smoothies, muffins, and more!


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