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Where Does Your Organic Cocoa Powder Come From?

Unlike conventional sports nutrition products that rely on artificial flavors, Mama Love Chocolate Protein gets its chocolate taste from 100% real, organic cocoa powder.

We buy our cocoa powder from a supplier in California. They import the cocoa beans from an organic farm in the Dominican Republic, process it without alkali, and package it here in the United States. It’s non-GMO and certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). It's also batch tested and verified gluten-free.

Cocoa powder contains polyphenols, special antioxidants found in many heart-healthy foods, including chocolate, coffee, and grapes, that have been linked to less inflammation and improved cholesterol and blood sugar levels (1). Using non-alkalized cocoa powder is important because the chemical has been shown to reduce the potency of those natural antioxidants by as much as 60 percent.

Cocoa powder is also naturally high in magnesium and other essential vitamins needed for muscle synthesis, which gives Mama Love Chocolate Protein a leg up on those other powders that skip the pure cocoa. And because we use culinary-grade cocoa powder, it brings a delicious, chocolate flavor to any smoothie or recipe you whip up!


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