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Why is Mama Love Chocolate Protein Expensive?

Compared to other protein powders out there, especially a mass brand you’d find in a big box store or warehouse club, Mama Love Chocolate Protein might seem expensive. (Other times it’s a bargain—see below!*)

As a small business, Mama Love doesn’t hit the same manufacturing minimums as larger companies, so we pay more for our products to be made. But those small batches end up being higher in quality, because we have more control over each item that comes down the production line—the fewer the items, the easier it is for us to check each one.

Plus, what’s inside is better, too. We work hard to source high-quality ingredients, like organic pea protein and real, non-alkalized organic cocoa powder, which tend to be more spendy than the cheap stuff other brands are dumping into their canisters.

All of the ingredients we use in Mama Love Chocolate Protein are third-party verified for quality and purity.

Better ingredients make a better protein powder—one that every mom, including those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, can feel good about using. We hope you’re willing to pay a little more for that peace of mind, Mama!

*If you’re comparing Mama Love Chocolate Protein to a luxe-priced item, with fancy advertising campaigns and lots of Instagram love, you might be surprised to discover that it ranks better. Mama Love Chocolate Protein has better ingredients and costs less per serving than Shakeology—how’s that for healthy savings?

Mama Love Chocolate Protein is Better than Shakeology


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