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3 Earth-Friendly Things About Mama Love Chocolate Protein

mama love chocolate protein is earth-friendly

Every time you fire up your blender and make a smoothie with Mama Love Chocolate Protein, you're making a planet-positive decision.

Compared to conventional protein powders, Mama Love Chocolate Protein is healthier for you and healthier for the planet. Need some convincing? Here are three earth-friendly things you should know about Mama Love Chocolate Protein

1. Mama Love Chocolate Protein is Plant-Based

When researchers looked into the energy requirements to produce pea protein and compared it to dairy-derived whey protein, they calculated pea protein emits 4 to 7 times LESS greenhouse gas from start to finish (1).

🌱 Plant-based pea protein is better for the planet, and it's proven to be just as effective for exercise gains.

And when it comes to exercise performance, several studies show pea protein will give you just as many (in some cases, more) benefits as whey. In fact, with pea protein, weightlifters can see more muscle growth (2) and high-intensity exercisers can experience improved strength and endurance (3).

2. Mama Love Chocolate Protein Uses Less Plastic 

Unlike the rigid plastic tubs and canisters that you get with most conventional protein powders, Mama Love Chocolate Protein comes in a thin, plastic pouch.

♻️  Slim pouches use less plastic than hefty tubs.

Pouches have a much smaller carbon footprint. It takes less material to make one, and because they’re lightweight it takes less energy to ship them, too. There’s also less material waste to get rid of when you’re finished with it.

Less plastic waste is ultimately a good thing, because even if you toss one of those protein tubs into a green bin the chances are slim that it will be recycled. Just under 2 million tons of plastic was recycled in 2018, compared to an estimated 14.5 million tons of containers and packaging that made its way into landfills, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (4).

Some locations will accept plastic pouches for recycling, be sure to check with the waste disposal company where you live first.

3. Mama Love Chocolate Protein is B.Y.O.S.—bring your own scoop!

Where’s the scoop?” is a frequently asked question around here. You won’t find one floating around inside a package of Mama Love Chocolate Protein, because… Well, do you really need another flimsy, plastic utensil? Nope!

🥄 No scoop inside Mama Love Chocolate Protein, means less waste. ⁠⁠

Not including an extra piece of plastic in the pouch, means you’re not getting something that takes up space, adds weight, or will ultimately end up in a landfill.

To scoop out Mama Love Chocolate Protein, simply grab a 1/3-cup measuring cup and fill it almost to the top. Or, for a more precise serving, measure out 45 grams on a kitchen scale.

mama love chocolate protein is earth friendly!
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