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It's Time for Worry-Free Workouts, Mama!

Think your workout will take you away from your baby, zap your energy, or kill your milk supply? STOP! 

Yes, those things can happen for some moms, but it's not because of an epic spin class, power lifting session, or long run.

Your kids demand the best from you, and that means you need to be fit and healthy, Mama.

The Right Nutrition Makes All the Difference!

Mama Love Protein is a Game-Changer!

Mama Love Protein is loaded with plant-based protein to build muscles, improve energy, and reduce muscle inflammation (so long, post-workout soreness!). And if you're currently breastfeeding, the safe, all-natural ingredients in this carefully-curated formula can help keep milk free-flowing (bye-bye, clogged ducts!) and boost your supply.

Plus, Mama Love Protein is made with probiotics that have been clinically shown to support immune health

Three of the key ingredients:

Organic Pea Protein 
Packed with muscle-building and milk-boosting protein*

Learn more: Pea Protein Helps Your Body Make Milk & Muscles

Tart Cherry Extract
Scientifically-proven to reduce post-workout muscle soreness*

Learn more: Tart Cherry Extract: A Treat for Sore Muscles

Whole Grain Oats 
Provide long-lasting energy and can increase breast milk supply*

Learn more: Oats: Wholesome Grains with a Performance Advantage

Safe Ingredients Matter

Mama Love Chocolate Protein is a safe, plant-based formula. It's made without dairy, soy, corn, sugar, gluten, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, chemicals or additives—which are all known to cause allergies and gut sensitivities, and can be risky for breastfeeding mamas.

All of our ingredients are hand-selected for quality and tested for purity before any mixing begins. The final product is made in small batches in a third-party certified manufacturing facility, eliminating any possibility of contamination.

That means everything going into your body is safe—for you and for your baby, if you're breastfeeding! 


NSF certification helps consumers identify products that have been independently tested and certified to meet rigorous standards for quality, safety, and label claims.


Try it once, and you'll be a raving fan!

Seriously. Whether you're breastfeeding or not, you'll keep coming back for the clean, plant-based protein and muscle recovery ingredients that have the power to keep you energized and make your workouts count! 
Moms are calling it, "Life changing!" OK, only one mom actually said that, but here's what others are saying:

It's not sweet, it's effective!  

Mama, we're not going to sugar coat this for you: Mama Love Protein is not sweet. It's made without sugar, stevia, or artificial sweeteners. Don't expect it to taste like any weight-loss shake you've had in the past. Those drinks are gimmicks! 

Mama Love Chocolate Protein has a rich, chocolatey flavor that comes from real, organic cocoa powder and just a hint of monk fruit—a 100%-natural fruit extract that doesn't contribute to energy spikes or crashes. 

So you get a smoothie full of wholesome, performance-driven ingredients you can feel good about. And it's safe for the entire family! (Because how many times have you had to share with your littles? "Can I have a sip, Mama?")

We Stand Behind Mama Love Protein

Moms tell us all the time that they feel great when they use Mama Love Protein—it eases post-workout muscle soreness, improves energy, and supports breast milk supply.* But if you're not happy with it, just let us know! We'll give you a refund—easy, peasy.