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Purchase with Purpose

Because Strong Women Lift

We lift in the gym, we lift our babies, and we lift each other up whenever possible. At Mama Love, I’ve built giving back to our communities and to the causes mothers stand up for directly into my business plan. And I've partnered with MilkSpace, LLC to make that happen!

MilkSpace, LLC empowers women to reach their breastfeeding goals safely and conveniently while on the go. The company sells breastfeeding essentials kits and works with event planners to provide hygienic pop-up spaces for pumping during conferences, trade shows, and other events.

To further support lactating women, MilkSpace, LLC launched Match IT 4 HER!, a social impact initiative developed to lessen breastfeeding disparities in Black women. Projects with community-based organizations in Dallas, TX are currently underway.   

Your purchase makes a positive impact! I have earmarked a portion from the sale of every Mama Love product to go to supporting MilkSpace, LLC and the Match IT 4 HER! initiative—at no extra cost to you!

Here's how it works: 

  • Shop When you make a purchase from Mama Love a portion of the proceeds is automatically allocated to community giving. (Again, at no additional cost to you.)
  • Donate I will give a portion of the proceeds from your purchase to the Match IT 4 HER! initiative in the form of product for Match IT 4 HER! recipients and product discounts for MilkSpace, LLC customers.
  • Support To date, Mama Love has donated or promised product and discounts valued at more than $5,000.

No matter the amount, your purchase has a purpose and you are helping Mama Love make a difference!

xo, Kim