Postpartum moms shouldn't focus on weight loss. Set your sights on feeling strong with Mama Love Chocolate Protein.

People promote the “body back after baby” idea all the time.

We’re on board with the literal meaning of that phrase—you know, that physical thing that happened the minute that baby came out and you were the only one in your body again? Boom—Body. Back. After. Baby!

But we’re NOT COOL with the underlying message. That you somehow have to snap back to your pre-pregnancy weight and fit perfectly into all of your old clothes again.  

Body Back After Baby ≠ Weight Loss 

Here’s the deal. Growing and carrying a baby has physically and mentally changed you. For the better. And you deserve to own all of that strength and power for the rest of your life.

Forget the body you had before. Or the body everyone else thinks you should have.

You deserve an even stronger, healthier body—one that lets your true power shine.

Mama Love Chocolate Protein helps moms maximize their workout gains and boost breast milk supply.

Build Muscle & Make Milk

Whether your fitness goal is to build lean, healthy muscles through weight lifting or to crush an endurance goal, like running a marathon, your body needs the right amount of protein.

But when you’re breastfeeding, the typical go-to sports nutrition products just aren’t going to work.

Because when you eat, Mama, so does your little one—and baby’s digestive system can’t tolerate whey or other dairy-derived ingredients

Mama Love Chocolate Protein is designed to support muscle growth and recovery, so you won’t be sore after working out. And it’s loaded with powerful, plant-based protein and healthy carbs to help you feel energized, instead of worn out.

The best part: This formula is safe for your breast milk, and many of the ingredients can actually boost your supply!

Which means, you don’t have to choose between your fitness goal or your breastfeeding goal.

Mama Love Chocolate Protein is a Game-Changer!

Loaded with organic pea protein to build muscles and support breast milk production, Mama Love Chocolate Protein is carefully crafted with ingredients to keep milk free-flowing (bye-bye, clogged ducts!) and reduce muscle inflammation (so long, post-workout soreness!).

Plus, known galactagogues to boost your supply and probiotics to support your immune system.

Our ingredients are hand-selected for quality and tested for purity before any mixing begins. 

The final product is made in small batches in a third-party certified manufacturing facility, eliminating any possibility of contamination.

That means  everything going into your body is safe for you, and your breast milk! 

NSF certification helps consumers identify products that have been independently tested and certified to meet rigorous standards for quality, safety, and label claims.

Mama Love Chocolate Protein makes a nutritious post-workout snack or protein shake for breastfeeding.

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Pro Tip: To give your smoothie a kick of sweetness, add a banana. Then toss in a handful of spinach to sneak more veggies into your day.

We’re Here for You, Mama!

If you worked out before having a baby, we would love to help you get back to that routine. And if you’ve never stepped foot into a gym or studio, we’d love to help you find the motivation to try something new.

Moms tell us all the time that they feel great when they use Mama Love Chocolate Protein in their smoothies—it helps ease post-workout muscle soreness and increases their milk supply.* 

But if you’re not happy with it, just let us know! We’ll give you a refund—easy, peasy. 

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