About Mama Love®

Mama Love® is a wellness brand that champions plant-based eating, planet-friendly workouts, and pro-mom attitudes. From eating advice and delicious recipes, to workouts and eco-friendly tips, Mama Love strives to make plant-based living easy, affordable, and realistic.

Founded in 2019, the brand got its start by manufacturing Mama Love Chocolate Protein, a plant-based protein powder especially formulated to support moms with breastfeeding and fitness goals. While we no longer produce dietary supplements, Mama Love still enjoys digging into the science and research on sports nutrition, whole foods, fitness, and more.

Mama Love is focused on health—yours and the planet’s! We are committed to bringing you straightforward eating tips, simple workouts, practical me-time hacks, and all things wellness from a plants-first perspective. Though we promote a plant-based lifestyle, we acknowledge that humans are omnivores and we don’t give anyone a hard time for enjoying the occasional grass-fed burger.

Mama Love is on a mission to help moms like you harness the power of plants and whole foods, so you can reach your wellness goals. Need more energy? Want to crush a workout? Looking for healthy ways to tackle #momlife? We got you, Mama.

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About Kim Daly Farrell, Mama Love’s Founder

When her son raced into the world six weeks early, Kim Daly Farrell felt like she’d been hit by a truck. She was depleted from an emergency c-section, exhausted from round-the-clock NICU sitting, and the breast milk was not flowing. (It felt like a total #momfail.*) Thanks to lots of research and a background in integrative nutrition, Kim was able to turn things around with daily, plant-based smoothies. 

Fueled by her own need and the potential needs of other active moms, Kim created her own healthy and effective protein powder recipe to support breastfeeding, muscle recovery, and energy levels. This led to the founding of Mama Love, LLC and a relationship with a contract manufacturer to create Mama Love Chocolate Protein (RIP).

In addition to being the CEO and founder of Mama Love, Kim is a certified health coach, former magazine editor, fitness fan, and mom to two amazing kids. She has worked for national media outlets, including Good Housekeeping, Fitness, Glamour, and Shape; and health and fitness industry leaders, including MyFitnessPal and Fitbit. 

*Luckily, that’s not a real thing—you can’t fail at motherhood!

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