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Plant-based Nutrition for First-Time Moms, Repeat Offenders & More

Because it's made with plant-based, purity-tested ingredients—and nothing else!—Mama Love® Chocolate Protein makes great protein shakes for workout recovery, breastfeeding support, and more. It's safe for every stage of motherhood—from pregnancy to postpartum, and beyond. We can't wait for you to discover how our wholesome, all-natural ingredients can help you perform and feel your best!

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Mamas 💕 Mama Love®

Adding this to my daily smoothie gives me confidence that I’m doing what it takes to stay healthy while I workout and work it in the wild world of breastfeeding.

Dani, El Cerrito, CA

I love it! It's so healthy and I feel great after drinking it. I think it helped my milk supply too!

Julie, Sharon Hill, PA

Mama Love Chocolate Protein is so smooth and creamy! I love that it's supporting my muscles and boosting my milk supply.

Courtney, Arlington, VA

I’m so glad I found Mama Love Chocolate Protein. ...Tastes great and I’m taking care of both of us... a win/win!

Marie, Gilbert, AZ

Finally, a breastfeeding protein powder that's good for my muscles and safe for my milk.

Sarah, New York, NY

Bought Mama Love Chocolate Protein for my wife & she loves it! We trained for triathlons together before the baby came. We still love our workout dates and recovery is key!

Mike, Denton, TX

It's so easy to whip up after a workout. I can't wait to try all the flavors!

Andrea, Dallas, TX

This is the best breastfeeding protein powder I have tried so far. At 6 months I worried about my milk dropping, but now I feel wonderful and also less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks!

Tilly, London, UK

Superfood Ingredients with Performance Benefits

Want to boost muscle recovery or support healthy breast milk supply?

The wholesome superfoods and all-natural ingredients in Mama Love® Chocolate Protein can help your body feel amazing after a workout. And if you're a lactating mom, they can help you make more milk, too.

The best way to produce more breast milk starts by looking at your meals and snacks. Eating more plant-based foods and choosing protein shakes for breastfeeding that are free from allergens, additives, and preservatives can make a huge difference.

As moms, we believe the best way to produce more breast milk is to give yourself the grace and love you deserve. Plant-based ingredients make the best protein shakes for breastfeeding, and exercising reduces stress and puts you in a better mind-space to breastfeed successfully. 

So, instead of worrying about the best way to produce more breast milk, focus on the things that truly nourish you—delicious foods and badass workouts!*

Organic Pea Protein

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Tart Cherries

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Whole-Grain Oats

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Ground flaxseeds can increase breast milk supply and support muscle recover

Ground Flaxseeds

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Brewer's yeast can support healthy breast milk supply and improve muscle recovery.

Brewer's Yeast

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Blog Articles

What's Up, Fit Moms & Mother Pumpers?!

I know you're not sweating through workouts to "get your body back"—you're doing it to get your SELF back!

I made Mama Love® Chocolate Protein with that in mind. This plant-based formula has organic pea protein and tart cherry extract for post-workout muscle recovery. And flaxseeds and other all-natural ingredients to keep you energized and healthy.*

If you want to maximize your workout gains or if you're looking for the best way to produce more breast milk, you need to reach for wholesome ingredients with proven benefits. Protein shakes for breastfeeding and muscle recovery are a smart addition to any fitness routine.

Run, lift, cycle, breastfeed—no matter how you burn calories, I want to help you crush your badass mother goals!

xo, Kim

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