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Superfood Ingredients with Performance Benefits

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It's so easy to whip up after a workout. I can't wait to try all the recipes!

Andrea, Dallas, TX

Adding this to my daily smoothie gives me confidence that I’m doing what it takes to stay healthy while I workout...

Dani, El Cerrito, CA

I love it! It's so healthy and I feel great after drinking it. I think it helped my milk supply too!

Julie, Sharon Hill, PA

Mama Love Chocolate Protein is so smooth and creamy! I love that it's supporting my muscles and boosting my milk supply.

Courtney, Arlington, VA

I’m so glad I found Mama Love Chocolate Protein. ...Tastes great and I’m taking care of both of us... a win/win!

Marie, Gilbert, AZ

Bought Mama Love Chocolate Protein for my wife & she loves it! We ... love our workout dates and recovery is key!

Mike, Denton, TX

This is the best breastfeeding protein powder I have tried so far. At 6 months I worried about my milk dropping, but now I feel wonderful and also less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks!

Tilly, London, UK

Fuel Any Workout & Every Stage of Motherhood

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What's Up, Fit Moms & Mother Pumpers?!

I know you're not sweating through workouts to "get your body back"—you're doing it to get your SELF back!

I made Mama Love® Chocolate Protein with that in mind. This plant-based formula has organic pea protein and tart cherry extract to support muscle repair and post-workout recovery. And flaxseeds and other all-natural ingredients to keep you energized and healthy.*

If you want to hit your daily protein target, maximize your workout gains, or produce more breast milk, you need to reach for wholesome ingredients with proven benefits. Adding nutrient-dense Mama Love Chocolate Protein to your protein shakes for breastfeeding, daily smoothies, or workout recovery snacks is a great way to ensure you're giving your body what it needs to perform.

Run, lift, cycle, breastfeed, carry a squirmy toddler—no matter what your body has to do today, I want to help you crush all of your badass goals, Mama!

xo, Kim

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